The most advanced guide on your journey to discover yourself via personality tests.

We make data-driven self-discovery and character growth possible and fun transforming fixed mindsets at scale.
We married cutting-edge personality science and design to create a unique product for personal development.
We provide you with the latest scientific tests that aid you in discovering your growth areas, talents, and gifts
Our reporting helps you to radically increase your self-awareness, giving you the confidence to navigate life boldly and happily
We enable you to set goals for your character and personality, assisting you in closing the gap between the actual you and the heroic you most effectively.
Goals & Growth
You can invite friends to provide you with feedback on your personality to help you understand if your efforts are effective and recognized
Supercharge your self-| with Scientific Self-Discovery by discovering and growing yourself directly from your phone.
Modify your personality goals, actions, and habits based on the feedback. Figure out if your efforts are paying off or if you need to change your strategy
Adjust goals, actions, and habits
Monitor the results of your efforts by engaging with the tests yourself and inviting your friends, partners, or collegues to give you feedback
Track progress via self- and other evaluation
Uncover your growth areas and select the most important traits you want develop in your personal and professional life
Set character goals
Engage with our large collection of science-based personality test and learn from our thoughtful empowering reports
Discover yourself
Specify the actions and habits that will help you grow the trait and become more optimisitc, friendlier, or less anxious
Define actions and habits
Scientific Self-Discovery helps you with various psychological issues and allows to measure
We bring everything together that’s requiered to gain more self-awareness and make data-informed decisions. Scientific Self-Discovery was build for people new to personality testing and personal growth.
You just started your journey towards becoming a better being? Awesome! We help you make progress like a scientist.
Therapists & Clients
Do you wonder if the the collaboration is improving mental health? With our data, you can answer questions more robustly.
Coaches & Cochees
Wanting to know the growth areas of your coachee? or the impact so far? We help you answer these questions and more.
Self-development veterans
Are you tired of tools that are unscientific? Try Scientific Self-Discovery, we make data-driven personal development real!
Are you struggeling with good tools to give each other constructive feedback? We got you covered!
Do you want to create a culture of self-awareness, growth, and excellence? Get in touch with our organization-focused team.
Scientific Self-Discovery offers most comprehensive, empowering, updated, scientific, and action-informing collection of tests on the market at a great price. Even the free version is much superior with no waiting or upselling on reports and with rich suite of testing products.
Choose the right plan for your self-discovery
Get many premium and new personality functions for free
Access +20 tests
Get feedback from others
Receive empowering reports
Guided self-discovery until level 3
Unlock all functions that help you grow your personality and develop your character
All features in Starter
No ads
Access all tests
Set personality goals
Download pdf reports
Unlimited guided self-discovery
Per month
Billed annualy = €60
Unlimited guided self-discovery
Download pdf reports
Set personality goals
Access all tests
No ads
All features in Starter
Unlock all functions that help you grow your personality and develop your character
One-time purchase for 5 years = €200
Community calls with the team
Priority support
First access to new features
All features in Basic
Get access to the premium features and cast a vote for long-term serious self-discovery
Download Scientific Self-discovery & register for access.
We are still putting the final touches on Scientific Self-discovery, but you can get access with an invite directly from us or from a friend who has access! Download Scientific Self-Discovery in the App Store or Google Play today!
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